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At the Table Foundation is taking a stand against the orphan crisis in Haiti. With a staggering estimate of nearly one million orphans living in Haiti and over 32,000 children currently living in orphanages many would be shocked to believe that the majority of these children have at least one living parent. The Poverty Orphan, is a child who's parent or parents can no longer afford to care for them in the home. These children are either misplaced in orphanages or sold to other families to work as child slaves. At the Table Foundation is taking a different approach to tackel this crisis at the root of the problem. Our family sponsorship program provides families living in extreme poverty with a monthly food donation, water filter, solar lights, tuition assistance for children and trade school enrollment for parents. Our ultimate goal is to help families become self sufficient and to lead fufilled lives. With your financial support you will help provide the following for our families:


Clean Water & Solar Lights

Health and Wellness

  • Ceramic Water Filtration system $25

  • Solar Lights $10


Monthly Food Donation

Full Tummies

  • $60 to feed 1 family for 1 month

  • 25 lb bag of Rice

  • 25 lb bag of Beans

  • 1 Gallon of Cooking Oil

  • 8 cans of canned fish



Knowledge is Power

  • Education for 1 child $35/month

  • Trade School for 1 Adult $50/month

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